2021-22 SEASON

On the Stage


January 14 – 30, 2022

Wayne Hopkins — a boy from New Mexico who is neither brave, smart, nor a snake — finds out he’s a wizard. Upon arrival at a certain school of magic and magic, he’s placed into the Puffs: a group of well meaning, loyal rejects. Over the next seven years, he’ll try to learn magic; try not to have his life ruined by his four-eyed nemesis; and try to not to get hurt in what is actually a very dangerous place for unsupervised children to be. Sometimes he will succeed. Partially.


Bent Broadway

February 5, 2022
7:00 p.m. curtain

This winter, Mobile’s finest performers are taking to the stage and bending the roles! Announcing the return of “Bent Broadway”, hosted by the Joe Jefferson Playhouse. This event will feature some of Mobile’s greatest singers in a Broadway concert with a twist: Performers singing songs written for the opposite gender!

The purpose of this concert – in addition to donations – is to raise awareness and funds to support the LGBTQ+ youth community in Mobile.

Tickets are $30 per person and are on sale now!

Who are we raising money for?

Prism United, a organization providing social services to LGBTQ+ youth in Mobile. Those involved have led a weekly support group for LGBTQ+ youth since 2015 and provide a space for students to feel safe and affirmed. It is the only organization in Mobile dedicated to specifically provide services to LGBTQ+ youth. In addition to maintaining the group, their services also include:

  • Monthly events, such as game and movie nights
  • A library of LGBTQ+ resources and media
  • Assistance with accessing physical and mental health services

They hope to expand their services in the future to include:

  • LGBTQ+ trainings at local schools and universities
  • Creating a shelter for homeless LGBTQ+ youth

Previous sources of funding are no longer available, so this concert and your support are now more crucial than ever. With your contribution, the LGBTQ+ youth community throughout the region can continue to receive the support they need and deserve.

Bent Broadway

Ring of Fire the Musical

March 11 – 27, 2022

This product is a revue, which consists of 39 songs of Johnny Cash, created by him throughout his life.
Being born into a poor family in the center of the American heartland, the young man left home to begin a journey on the wings of music in search of himself and his own destiny. Faced with an unhappy accident and then having gone through the tests and success, the young man found his true love. As a result, the long way led the musician home – the ring of his difficult journey has been closed like this. Having found, finally, the meaning of his life, a man realized that this place was originally destined for him.

Ring of Fire


June 10 – 26, 2022

Footloose is the story of Ren McCormack, a teenage boy from Chicago. He and his mother move to the small town of Bomont after his father abandons them. Upon arriving, Ren finds himself at odds with most of the town, including the Reverend Bomont. The Reverend has convinced the town to outlaw dancing, which Ren finds unbelievable. With the help of Ariel (the Reverend’s daughter) and Willard (a country hick who becomes his best friend), Ren convinces the Reverend to let the teenagers dance, and in the process helps the town to heal from a tragedy that affected them all.