Take the Lead

Joe Jefferson Players is governed by a Board of Directors. Within this board is also an executive board. We are a volunteer-based board and most of our members have full-time jobs, families, other activities, and we work very hard for the playhouse because we love it. We are always looking for other like-minded people who want to get involved, make a difference and have a voice. If you are interested in finding out more about joining our board, please email [email protected].

Executive Board
President: Jessica Head
VP of Facilities: Korry Williams
VP of Marketing: Blake Greenwood
VP of Production: Rebecca Heath
Secretary: Emily Jackson
Treasurer: Linda Steele

Suzie Coleman
Sharrell Edmonds
Michael Souza
Ravyn Otis
Zeb Ramey
Lisa Burnett
Cathy Bouler
Lauren Rachel
Stacey Killingsworth
Whitney Stennett
Angela Fesler