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11 South Carlen Street
Mobile, AL 36606

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Beginning with Footloose patrons will no longer be able to park in the Trinity church lot across Dauphin. Please ensure extra time for parking and walking to the theater. You may still park at the Murphy high school lots. If these lots are full, parking on South Carlen Street is available on the East side of the street (same side as the playhouse) ONLY. There are instructional and “No Parking” signs on both sides of the street in some cases so please be aware before you leave your car parked.

Also, please be very respectful of our wonderful neighbors. Do not block their driveways, fire hydrants, disrupt their landscaping, litter, nor do anything else that would disrespect them. Because we don’t have our own designated parking areas, if your car is parked where it shouldn’t be, the property owners can and will have your car towed at your expense.

If you have a handicapped parking need, please feel free to call the box office prior to your arrival and in most cases we can arrange to have someone park your car for you.

Thank you all so much for your patronage and acknowledgement of this important facet of our amazing community theater.