Be a Part of the Show

Release your inner thespian and be a part of the Joe Jefferson Players family again or for the very first time! Auditions for upcoming performances are held approximately two and a half months prior to show dates. We welcome actors of all talents and ages as we cast for lead and supporting roles. With each audition, the director will provide expectations and requirements in advance, usually via our Facebook Events page, at least 3 weeks in advance of auditions.

Next Audition Opportunity: RAGTIME

Monday March 19th & Tuesday March 20th, 2018 at JJP.


The Joe Jefferson Players are holding open auditions for the musical, Ragtime. We are friendly folks and we want everyone to do well. So whether you’re an old pro, or a first time auditioner, know that you are welcome!

Audition Expectations: In-person auditions will be closed with the director, assistant director, musical director/pianist, choreographer and stage manager. After the singing audition, a group cold reading from the script will be conducted as well as group dance audition.

Singing: Prepare at least 60 seconds of a traditional Broadway song for your vocal audition. No rock songs or a capella, please. Please provide your own sheet music. You may also be asked to sing scales. Songs from Ragtime are acceptable but not required. A piano accompanist will be provided.

Reading: A group cold reading from the script may take place during the audition process.

 Dancing: Depending upon the role(s) for which you are auditioning, you may be expected to participate in the dance audition. Please wear appropriate dance attire and footwear.

Director: Dr. Patrick Jacobs
Musical Director: Christopher Lovely
Choreographer: Monica Henry
Technical Director: Ed Kryger
Assistant Director: Hannah Love
Lighting Design: Adolfo Rodriquez
Set Design: Kristina Swearingen
Costume Design & Construction: Ann Sands
Stage Manager: TBA

Based on the book, Ragtime, by E.L. Doctrow
Book by Terrence McNally
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Music by Stephen Flaherty
For the first time in Mobile, Ragtime is coming to the JJP stage! Ragtime is a compelling epic musical capturing the American experience at the turn of the 20th century. Tracking three diverse families in pursuit of the American dream in the volatile “melting pot” of turn-of-the-century New York, Ragtime confronts the dialectic contradictions inherent in American reality: experiences of wealth and poverty, freedom and prejudice, hope and despair. Over the course of the show, the worlds of a wealthy white couple, a Jewish immigrant father and his motherless daughter, and an African American ragtime musician intertwine. Together, they discover the surprising interconnections of the human heart, the limitations of justice and the unsettling consequences when dreams are permanently deferred.

Tech Week/Dress Rehearsal: May 27-31, 2018

Show Dates: June 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16 at 7:30 p.m. & June 3, 10, 17 at 2:00 p.m.

Feel free to download our Audition Form and come to the audition prepared!

Audition Form


Ages listed are based on history and/or author recommendations, and should not be taken literally. All Lead roles must be exceptional singers/technicians. The score is demanding.

Coalhouse Walker, Jr: (lead) African-American male. 25-35 (baritone with strong top range; range: Ab to G, with a sustained high F#). Intense dance; pianist; proud, confident, and stubborn.

Sarah: (lead) African-American female. Late teens-early 20’s (lyric soprano; range: low G# to high F# on staff)

Mother: (lead) Anglo-American female. 30+ (lyric soprano; range: low G to high Eb on staff) gentle, compassionate, optimistic 

Father: (lead) Anglo-American male. 40+ (baritone; range: B to E on staff) cautious; resistant to change

Mother’s Younger Brother: (supporting) Anglo-American male. 20-25+ (tenor/baritone with strong top range: B to high F#) passionate anarchist; intense and high-strung 

Young Boy: (supporting) Anglo-American male. 8-12 (juvenile voice; range: E to Db on staff) precocious and curious 

Tateh: (lead) Eastern European/Jewish Immigrant male. 30+, slight accent (tenor; range: Db to high F#) intelligent, passionate, creative 

Emma Goldman: (cameo – historical) Eastern European/Jewish Immigrant female/Anarchist. 40+, slight accent. (alto, range: low G# to Db on staff) 

Harry Houdini: (cameo – historical) Hungarian Immigrant male/Magician/bodybuilder. 30+ (tenor; range: mid. C to high G)

Young Girl: (supporting) Tateh’s daughter: Eastern European/Jewish Immigrant female. 8-12 (juvenile voice; range: E to Db on the staff) quiet and shy. 

Sarah’s Friend: (supporting) African-American female. Late teens – 30. (Gospel lyric-soprano or alto range: low G to stratosphere scat top note) 

Grandfather: (cameo) (Mother’s father) Anglo-American male. 55+ (some “speak sung” lyrics, baritone) gruff & outspoken. 

Booker T. Washington: (cameo – historical) African-American male, distinguished. 45+ (some “speak sung” lyrics, baritone) 

Henry Ford: (cameo – historical) Anglo-American male. 30-45 (some “speak sung” lyrics, baritone) 

JP Morgan: (cameo – historical) Anglo-American male; banking mogul. 45+ (some “speak sung” lyrics, baritone)

Little Coalhouse: (cameo) Walk-on at end of show. African-American male (will consider females as well). Age 3-4 (no spoken lines or singing)

Supporting/Ensemble Roles:
RAGTIME offers members of the three ensembles multiple opportunities to play a number of smaller parts with lines and some solos. Supporting roles with final casting decisions possibly made during rehearsals include: Admiral Peary, Stanford White, Harry K. Thaw, Willie Conklin, Judge, train conductor, people of New Rochelle/Harlem/Union Square, Jewish immigrants, factory workers,
demonstrators, newsboys, reporters, bureaucrats, Coalhouse’s Men, and numerous other ensemble roles. 

The RAGTIME Chorus must be one of the major stars of the show. The chorus is extremely involved and active throughout the show. The three distinct ensemble groups must each produce a full and balanced choral sound.