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Reaching Out

Our community gives so much to Joe Jefferson Players, providing us with amazing talents, arts-loving patrons, and valuable volunteers. In return, JJP seeks to enrich the area around us, not only in our performances, but in hands-on community outreach. We reinvest in our community by inviting schools to come see some of our performances. Many area public school and private school teachers offer their students extra credit or attending shows, volunteering, and helping out in other ways. We are always looking at ways to give back, especially to the underserved communities, schools and organizations that don’t have regular availability or exposure to performing arts. Because we are a volunteer organization, we are always looking for people in our community to get involved and help up make some of these dreams and efforts more of a frequent reality for all of the communities that support JJP and our other local arts organizations.

Please email to find out more information, express your interest, or share your ideas of ways we can give broader access to our stage.