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Take the Lead

Joe Jefferson Players is governed by a Board of Directors. Within this board is also an executive board. We are a volunteer-based board and most of our members have full-time jobs, families, other activities, and we work very hard for the playhouse because we love it. We are always looking for other like-minded people who want to get involved, make a difference and have a voice. If you are interested in finding out more about joining our board, please email You may also come to any of our monthly meetings that we hold on the first Monday of every month in the playhouse lobby.

Creative Team:
Artistic Director: Eric C. Browne

Executive Board
President: Zeb Ramey
Vice President: Stephanie Ward
VP of Facilities: David Peeler
VP of Marketing: Whitney Upton
VP of Production: Ed Kryger
Secretary: Ann Sands
Treasurer: Danette Richards

Members At-Large
Cathy Bouler
Lisa Costa
Sharrell Edmond
Becky Heath
Jennifer Jasgur
Brian Jackson
Harvie Jordan
Joanne Maceluch
Katherine McGinley
Tara Moorer
Linda Steele
Teri Williamson

Advisory Members

Linda Anderson
Rick Beirne
John Paul Jones
Kyle Meyer
Ann Thublin
Glen Vanderbeek
Sally Ericson